A day to get up & go

13 Sep
Yes, I’m aware that this will be my last Glengarry News column… and that the “dead tree” medium of community newspapers is… well, dead. Nevertheless, as a volunteer columnist, my remit is to report community news, even if from the ... Read more »

Marie Jensen stops by

6 Sep
If buildings were sentient beings, the lovely stone church in Dunvegan must have been singing Happy Days are Here Again last Sunday. With the place packed to the rafters, it surely felt like it had back in the days when ... Read more »

Second-hand apple trees

30 Aug
While not front page news, I imagine mention was made elsewhere in today’s paper of the new attraction planned for Dunvegan’s upcoming Harvest Fall Festival: apple cider pressing. I know that whenever Velma Franklin, the museum’s curator back in the ... Read more »

Those were the hay days

23 Aug
A month or two ago, I mentioned that Jim Fletcher, a loyal reader from Kanata, dropped by. Jim was raised in Dunvegan in the 1940s and 50s… on a farm across the road from the one that Terry and I ... Read more »