Last week’s missing column…

30 Nov
Please excuse my absence last week. I had a wee health hiccup early Monday morning and was transported to our local ER. There, the experts decided a peek under the hood at the bypass surgery done a few years ago ... Read more »

Hey, that’s Italian

16 Nov
I really hope we can entice a few more of you out to this weekend’s “Saturday Night at the Movies” event at the Dunvegan Recreation Hall. Now that the Grenville movie house has closed for good, we’re the only game ... Read more »

If you want my vote… show your work

9 Nov
Before the 2022 municipal elections completely fade from view, I wanted to comment on North Glengarry’s recent snooze-fest of a municipal vote. True, only three ward seats and one school trusteeship were being contested, so not really a sweaty palm ... Read more »