Scottish dancing primer

29 Apr
Up until a few days ago, I knew little or nothing about the intricacies of Scottish folk dancing, as readers were (rightly) quick to point out. In last week’s column, I mistakenly used the terms “step dancing” and “Highland dancing” ... Read more »

Happy belated Volunteer Week

22 Apr
Since I saw our hard-working editor and publisher at the Museum’s AGM on Friday evening, I can only assume the occasion will be well-documented elsewhere in today’s paper. Suffice it to say that it was a newsworthy event that drew ... Read more »

Dane Lanken at Museum AGM

15 Apr
For all those Dane Lanken fans out there, please take note that he will be the keynote speaker at this Friday’s Glengarry Pioneer Museum Annual General Meeting and Potluck Supper. The topic of his presentation will be the life and ... Read more »

Girl Guide cookies now kosher

8 Apr
As this is an in-between week, I’m going to lead off with something a bit off our beaten path. Lois Clark has asked that I mention that the 1st Laggan Sparks & Brownies will be selling Girl Guide cookies this ... Read more »