Honey I’m home!

12 Aug
My apologies to loyal readers, but I had to take a few weeks off. A good part of the time was spent dodging raindrops as Terry and I did a “Frenchy’s” tour of the Maritimes. For those of you unfamiliar ... Read more »

Squatters Spotted in Dunvegan

15 Jul
A pair of squatters was recently seen in downtown Dunvegan, news that may bring joy to the hearts of local birders. The offenders, a mating pair of Merlin falcons has taken up residence in one of the tall spruce trees ... Read more »

“Knock knock! Who’s there?”

8 Jul
Whether you’re a fan of Shakespeare or not, you’ve probably quoted him repeatedly without knowing it over the years. Take the title above, for example. It’s the platform upon which thousands of “knock-knock” jokes have been built. Just a quick ... Read more »

Senior Anni

1 Jul
I don’t know why, but almost everything sounds better, or at least of greater import, when said in Latin. On the good news side of the ledger, I’m delighted to report that honourary Dunveganite, Robin Flockton, has received a Province ... Read more »