Missing “treasure” map

7 Oct
Over the past three years that I’ve been covering the Dunvegan beat, I’ve referred to the Dunvegan Women’s Institute’s Tweedsmuir Histories on numerous occasions. The Tweedsmuir Histories project was named after Lady Tweedsmuir, wife of the Governor General of Canada ... Read more »

What a waste!

30 Sep
At the beginning of this month, I reported that a number of the re-enactors taking part in this past weekend’s Battle of Glengarry event had volunteered to hold an “education day” for middle school children on Friday. It was a ... Read more »

1812 Community Breakfast

23 Sep
“An army marches on its stomach.” While scholars are unsure of the exact source of this saying — it has been attributed to both Napoleon and Frederick the Great — organizers of this year’s Battle of Glengarry are hoping re-enactors ... Read more »

And the heavens opened

16 Sep
Over the years, the Glengarry Pioneer Museum has had its share of rainy days for its annual harvest celebration, but nothing that compares with the foul weather Mother Nature threw their way this past weekend. Even after over 24 hours ... Read more »