A Halloween Party Record!

4 Nov
In one account I came across recently, it was suggested that Halloween has its roots in Samhain, an ancient Irish Celtic festival. The Samhain festival (pronounced SAH-win or SOW-in) marks the end of the harvest season and the start of ... Read more »

Night of Ghouls and Goblins

28 Oct
For more years than I wish to remember, young families from near and far have gathered at the community hall in Dunvegan to celebrate Halloween in style. And this coming Saturday, October 31st will be no exception. The Dunvegan Recreation ... Read more »

Golden Wedding Anniversary

21 Oct
By reporting the following item, I am told that I am taking a big risk. Apparently, the couple that will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on October 23, 2015 instructed their daughter not to do anything that would draw ... Read more »

Euchre Players Needed!

14 Oct
In recent months, attendance at the Dunvegan Recreation Euchre Luncheons has fallen off a bit. Unfortunately, illness and the untimely passing of some of our loyal players has had an adverse impact on our numbers. We must reverse this trend. ... Read more »