At rest in the Cloud

19 Jul
This past Saturday was a first for Terry and me. We attended a funeral in Parry Sound — without leaving Dunvegan — via Zoom. For those of you unfamiliar with this darling of the Covid era, Zoom is an internet-based ... Read more »

Going 1, 2, 3 fast

12 Jul
It’s a wee bit slow in Dunvegan these days. With the cancellation of the Honey Fair, there’s not a lot going on at the Glengarry Pioneer Museum until the end of the month (more on this next week). And to ... Read more »

Bye Bye Canada Day

5 Jul
Did you notice how people seemed reluctant to even admit it was Canada Day this year? I heard the generic “Happy Holiday” that has come to be applied to Christmas and Easter. And “Happy Long Weekend.” But the response to ... Read more »

The last payphone?

28 Jun
There’s a wonderful photo in the Glengarry Pioneer Museum’s collection. It shows Duncan K. McLeod standing proudly on the front porch of the Dunvegan general store he owned from 1897 to 1939. I’m unsure of when the picture was taken. ... Read more »