Honey Fair 2023 is toast

21 Jun
I’m sad to say that, for this year at least, the Glengarry Pioneer Museum’s 2023 Honey Fair has been cancelled due to a lack of vendors and presenters. The decision was reluctantly reached at last week’s meeting of the event’s ... Read more »

A 64-year love affair

14 Jun
If you were within earshot, the haunting strains of Ashokan Farewell could be heard last Saturday in the Kenyon Church graveyard as a small group of family and friends raised their drams of Bowmore single malt to toast farewell to ... Read more »

Post-community daze?

7 Jun
It’s a ‘post’ world these days… from Justin’s claim that Canada is the first post-national state,to the tsunami of disturbing post-modernist thought that has surged from the ivied halls of academia. I would argue that we’re even seeing the dawn ... Read more »

Hammering hot steel

31 May
Dunvegan’s first “Smith-In” at the Glengarry Pioneer Museum took place in 2016. Seven years later, the celebration of this once vital trade is still going strong. Back in the day, the blacksmith’s shop was one of the four pillars of ... Read more »