“If you build it…”

12 Apr
Ask most North Americans to complete this well-known quotation, and the answer you’ll get most often is, “…and they will come.” However, like so many other well-know movie lines — from “Play it again, Sam” to “Do you feel lucky, ... Read more »

Best one ever… almost

5 Apr
DRA president Kim Raymond admits that she had no idea what to expect in the way of a turnout at last Saturday’s community breakfast. However, when the dust settled, her post-event report showed there’d been no need to worry. “The ... Read more »

Breakfast’s no joke

29 Mar
One of the unsung jewels of rural life that so many newcomers to the area often miss out on is the ‘communal meal.’ Part of this is because of their reticence to engage with their new community; god knows why. ... Read more »

One ringy-dingy, two…

22 Mar
One of the minor players in last Saturday’s screening of To Kill a Mockingbird was the wall telephone in Atticus Finch’s kitchen. Fashioned from oak with a little shelf on the front to take notes, the telephone’s box-like case had ... Read more »